Sentence Examples

  • Ask her where the envelope was postmarked.
  • This typical " envelope and kernel " structure is often only rudimentary.
  • The instrument is provided with an additional piece, or "plongeur," the weight of which exceeds 5 grammes by the weight of water which it displaces; that is to say, it is so constructed as to weigh 5 grammes in water, and consists of a glass envelope filled with mercury.
  • The pale envelope, for oxidation, and the luminous portion, for reduction.
  • The eggs may be laid separately invested by a chitinous envelope, or as in Ischnochiton magdalenensis they may form strings containing nearly 200,000 eggs, or the ova may be retained in the pallial groove and undergo development there, as in Chiton polii and Hemiarthrum setulosum.

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