Sentence Examples

  • So let us cease this talk of skull crushing and converse upon more pleasant subjects.
  • But in terms of wanting to converse with robots at an emotional level, I just don't see it.
  • But by giving their citizens the means to converse, dictators have enabled them to converse subversively, to learn truths that official sources had hidden from them, and to check every statement of every ruler.
  • She is blind and deaf, but is able to converse, and is introduced to me as one having a wonderful ability to understand the objects she visits, and as being possessed of a high order of intelligence and of culture beyond her years.
  • She had become very proficient in the use of the manual alphabet, which was her only means of communication with the outside world; through it she had acquired a vocabulary which enabled her to converse freely, read intelligently, and write with comparative ease and correctness.

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