Sentence Examples

  • With very few exceptions only the name AP/AKHI (with various epithets) occurs on the coins of the Parthian kings, and the obverse generally shows the seated figure of the founder of the dynasty, holding in his hand a strung bow.
  • Under Augustus the coins have on the obverse the imperial effigy, and on the reverse the names and often the effigies of the pro-consuls who governed the province, P. Quintilius Varus, L.
  • Anselm's natural element was theology, and the high metaphysical questions which are as it were the obverse of theology.
  • Those heresy-hunts show us the worst side of St Bernard, yet they are in a way just the obverse of his deep mystical piety.
  • The obverse has usually a male head, sometimes inscribed with what appears to be a native name.

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