Sentence Examples

  • Admitted soon after into the counting-house of a friend of his family, he "turned his stool into a Pegasus on three legs, every foot, of course, being a dactyl or a spondee"; but the uncongenial profession affected his health, which was never strong, and he was transferred to the care of his father's relations at Dundee.
  • Bellerophon,mounted on Pegasus(q.v.),kept up in the air out of the way of the Chimaera, but yet near enough to kill it with his spear, or, as he is at other times represented,with his sword or with a bow.
  • His ambitious attempt to ascend to the heavens on Pegasus brought upon him the wrath of the gods.
  • The most frequent representations of Bellerophon in ancient art are (I) slaying the Chimaera, (2) departing from Argos with the letter, (3) leading Pegasus to drink.
  • Here it was that Athena helped Bellerophon to bridle Pegasus; and hence she received the epithet of "the Bridler," Chalinitis.

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