Sentence Examples

  • Despite being polar opposites, they were both honorable to the core and two of the most powerful Naturals ever discovered.
  • Jonny, the Black God and polar opposite of my brother, Damian, the White God.
  • The prevailing winds in this region, which the sea traverses longitudinally, are westerly, but the sea itself causes the formation of bands of low barometric pressure during the winter season, within which cyclonic disturbances frequently develop, while in summer the region comes under the influence of the polar margin of the tropical high pressure belt.
  • The normal polarization at the zenith, as dependent upon the position of the sun, was the foundation of Sir C. Wheatstone's polar clock.
  • Karasjok as already mentioned is in the extreme north of Norway (69° 17' N.); Sodankyla was the Finnish station of the international polar year 1882-1883.

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