Sentence Examples

  • The mutual distances of the intersecting wires he determined by counting, with the aid of a pendulum clock, the number of seconds required by an equatorial star to pass from web to web, while the telescope was adjusted so that the star ran parallel to the wires at right angles to those under investigation.
  • When equatorial mountings for telescopes became more general, no filar micrometer was considered complete which was not fitted with a position circle.'
  • Equatorial telescope, is the first position micrometer constructed capable of measuring position angles to 1' of arc.
  • Equatorial made for Struve at Dorpat by Fraunhofer; it was completed in 1825.
  • Southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, for instance, although they correspond in latitude to Labrador, are made habitable and an excellent sheep-grazing country by the southerly equatorial current along the continental coast.

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