Sentence Examples

  • My understanding was limited to knowing zero degrees latitude began at the equator and increased to ninety degrees at the poles.
  • At Batavia, which is near the equator (6° II' S.) the annual variation seems somewhat irregular.
  • Though the islands are under the equator, the climate is not intensely hot, as it is tempered by cold currents from the Antarctic sea, which, having followed the coast of Peru as far as Cape; Blanco, bear off to the N.W.
  • The Atlantic Ocean consists of two characteristic divisions, the geographical equator forming a fairly satisfactory line of division into North and South Atlantic. The North Atlantic, by far the best-known of the main divisions of the hydrosphere, is remarkable for the immense length of its coast-line and for the large number of enclosed seas connected with it, including on the western side the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf of St Lawrence and Hudson Bay, and on the eastern side the Mediterranean and Black Sea, the North Sea and the Baltic. The North Atlantic is connected with the Arctic Basin by four main channels: (1) Hudson Strait, about 60 m.
  • The heat equator, or line of maximum mean surface temperature, starts from the African coast in about 5° N.

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