Sentence Examples

  • The highest recorded temperature in the shade at Melbourne is 110.7°, and the lowest 27°, but it is rare for the summer heat to exceed 85°, or for the winter temperature in the daytime to fall below 40°.
  • In the course of this voyage he noticed that the signals were received better during the night than the daytime, legible messages being received on a Morse printer only 700 m.
  • In the daytime "the gorged females rest motionless on the walls and ceilings of rooms, choosing always the darkest situations for this purpose" (Austen).
  • During the daytime reliefs took place as usual, pretences were made of disembarking animals and stores at the jetties, and the result was that the Turks remained in complete ignorance as to what was going on close to their lines.
  • During the daytime the surface of the stone may become very warm, while at night it is speedily cooled.

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