Sentence Examples

  • A change in the marginal propensity to consume causes a pivotal change in the consumption function.
  • Arguably, Luke and Laura's storyline is littered with such pivotal moments: their dance at Wyndham's, Laura's return from the dead, the couple's return to Port Charles in the 1990s, Laura's grief at learning Lucky was dead and many more.
  • Bent on a comeback, this time with an impressive new graphics and physics engine, the story takes place during the events of Pearl Harbor and unfolds with the player fighting through pivotal battles against the forces of Japan.
  • Since the start of the relationship between movies and advertising sales, movie posters have been pivotal in letting those who already attend the movies know that a new film they may be interested in will soon be released.
  • While he's moved on from that pivotal time in his career, he's shown that it doesn't have to be built around the house that The Young and the Restless built, and that there's much more out there for him.