Sentence Examples

  • The position of Damascus is a position of crucial importance from 1130 to 1154.
  • The imminence of death often intensifies instead of diminishing a man's desire for the welfare of those he loves, as a crucial experiment proving the disinterestedness of love.
  • In the enthusiasm of the moment the crucial question of the position to be occupied by the conflicting nationalities in this" fraternal union " was overlooked.
  • Both Portland Canal and Lynn Canal are of historical importance, as the question of the true location of the first and the commercial importance to Canada or to the United States of the possession of the second, were the crucial contentions in the disputes over the Alaska-Canadian boundary.
  • Van Buren was not an orator, but... the oft-repeated charge that he refrained from declaring himself on crucial questions is hardly borne out by an examination of his senatorial career.