Sentence Examples

  • Thirty days isn't long enough for you to complete this first step, and it's crucial you do it right.
  • They were silent, aware this would be one of the most crucial battles they'd encountered in ages.
  • The crucial example of this is what Richard Strauss has ingeniously called the "al fresco" treatment of instruments in large orchestral masses (Berlioz-Strauss, Instrumentationslehre, edition Peters)..
  • The historical sources for the crucial period, from the separation to the fall of Jerusalem (586 B.C.), occupy only about one-twelfth, and even of this about one-third is spread over some fifteen years (see below, § II).
  • The circumstances favoured a closer alliance between the people of Palestine, and a greater prominence of the old holy places (Hebron, Bethel, Shechem, &c.), of which the ruined Jerusalem would not be one, and the existing condition of Judah and Israel from internal and non-political points of view - not their condition in the pre-monarchical ages - is the more crucial problem in biblical history.'

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