Sentence Examples

  • The difficulty of sharply delimiting edaphic and climatic factors is seen in the case of temperature.
  • ==Fauna== The three climatic regions of Alberta have naturally a varying fauna.
  • For instance, a Fungus epidemic is impossible unless the climatic conditions are such as to favor the dispersal and germination of the spores; and when plants are killed off owi~ig to the supersaturation of the soil with water, it is by no means obvious whether the excess of water and dissolved materials, or the exclusion of oxygen from the root-hairs, or the lowering of the temperature, or the accumulation of foul products of decomposition should be put into the foreground.
  • In external habit these exhibit adaptations to every kind of climatic or physical condition:
  • The evidence which has thus been briefly summarized, points unmistakably to the conclusion that existing vegetation originated in the northern hemisphere and under climatic conditions corresponding to what would now be termed sub-tropical.