Sentence Examples

  • Weather and Climate: A beach wedding or other outdoor ceremony or reception can encounter such conditions as wind, sand, saltwater spray, and other climactic or environmental conditions that make a stiff gown unreasonable.
  • As scientific progress and achievements approached the climactic period of world war in the 1940s, those scientific achievements also produced some of the most dangerous and tragic weapons known to man.
  • The confrontations were not limited to the soldiers; another climactic moment in the production is the battle between the pure Irish Cailin "Saoirse" and the temptress "Morrigan."
  • In the right hands it can be added to the choreography, whether a gallant tip of the hat to the lady or her flinging it off at a climactic moment and letting her hair swing free.
  • Be sure to watch the climactic scene the film is known for and you'll understand why the film is constantly ranking on scary movie lists.