Sentence Examples

  • The "ablest and most ruthless of the Angevins," as J.
  • An opponent of the Tubingen school, his defence of the genuineness and authenticity of the gospel of St John is among the ablest that have been written; and although on some minor points his views did not altogether coincide with those of the traditional school, his critical labours on the New Testament must nevertheless be regarded as among the most important contributions to the maintenance of orthodox opinions.
  • He was chosen moderator by acclamation, being, as Baillie says, " incomparablie the ablest man of us all for all things."
  • In Congress he was one of the ablest opponents of slavery, contending particularly against the Compromise Measures of 1850,1850, but he was never technically an Abolitionist and he disapproved of the Radicalism of Garrison and his followers.
  • The Times was glad to employ his ready pen, and as one of its ablest leader-writers he made his influence widely felt.

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