Sentence Examples

  • On the other hand, the shaman or priest (Tungus saman, Altain Turk ka y na, cf.
  • So too the autohypnotic trance of the magician or shaman is regarded as due to his visit to distant regions or the nether world, of which he brings back an account.
  • Fetishism mixed with Shamanism, the shaman (tadji-bei) being a kepresentative of the great divinity, the Num.
  • They are chiefly hunters, passionately loving their taiga, or wild forests, and have maintained their Shaman religion and tribal organization into suoks.
  • Trance speaking, on the other hand, may be found in any stage of culture and there is no doubt that in many cases the procedure of the magician or shaman induces a state of autohypnotism; at a higher stage these utterances are termed oracles and are believed :o be the result of inspiration.

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