Sentence Examples

  • The popular cult is, however, the propitiation of demons, a modification of the Shamanism of northern Asia.
  • The Mordvinians are nearly all Orthodox Greek, as also are the Votyaks, Voguls, Cheremisses and Chuvashes, but their religions are, in reality, modifications of Shamanism under the influence of some Christian and Moslem beliefs.
  • In the second place, the Mongols of the 13th century were not as yet, in any great numbers, Mahommedans; the official religion was "Shamanism," but in the Mongol army there were many Christians, the results of early Nestorian missions to the far East.
  • SHAMANISM, the name commonly given to the religion of the Ural-Altaic peoples.
  • Properly speaking, however, there is nothing to distinguish Shamanism from the religions of other peoples in a similar stage of culture.