Sentence Examples

  • A different kind of sorrow filled him, one he recognized as regret.  If he failed, he'd never see the little girl Katie carried.  Their hatchling would be as stubborn as her mother, and he could almost imagine huge eyes as blue and clear as Katie's peering out at him from a sweet, curly-headed demon child's face.  He wished he'd told Katie how terrified – but thrilled – he'd been when she told him about the hatchling.  He wished he knew one fucking thing about raising a child or being a mate.  Every one of his brothers could've managed these things, but his nature left him better apt at destroying than nurturing.
  • Most of them are natives of the Old World, and chiefly of its eastern division, but several inhabit the western portion of North America, and one, C. githagineus (of which there seem to be at least two local races), is an especial native of the deserts, or their borders, of Arabia and North Africa, extending even to some of the Canary Islands - a singular modification in the habitat of a form which one would be apt to associate exclusively with forest trees, and especially conifers.
  • Flame collectors blow out in high winds, whilst water-droppers are apt to get frozen in winter.
  • Even if the slide itself is mechanically perfect, the irregularity in the thickness of the lubricating oil between the bearing surfaces of the slide is apt to produce a variable error.
  • Sulphur is obtained near Apt (Vaucluse) and in a few other localities of south-eastern France; bituminous schist near Autun (Sane-et-Loire) and Buxires (Allier).

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