Sentence Examples

  • She felt deceitful pumping Mrs. Marsh for information about Brandon's plans, but it was the perfect opportunity.
  • But if I'm supposed to avoid the subject, don't act like I'm in the middle of some deceitful act when I try.
  • Of Cromwell he wrote: "Courageous, clever, deceitful, dissimulating, his early principles of lofty republicanism yielded to the devouring flames of his ambition; and, having tasted the sweets of power, he aspired to the pleasure of reigning alone."
  • The early difficulties of Elizabeth's reign secured him a deceitful peace on that side for a time.
  • And in order to realize vividly his love devotion to the sovereign, Rostov pictured to himself an enemy or a deceitful German, whom he would not only kill with pleasure but whom he would slap in the face before the Emperor.

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