Sentence Examples

  • Kwang-Chow-Wan however, is bound to providefor destitute children (see FOUNDLING HOSPITALS) Total in As and pauper lunatics (both these being under the care of the department), aged In Africa and the mdi Algeria and infirm people without resources and Algerian Sahara victims of incurable illness, and to furnish Tunisia medical assistance gratuitously to those West Africa without resources who are afflicted with Senegal..
  • The old and infirm and the timid, of whatever age or sex, thought most of sickness, and sudden accident and death; to them life seemed full of danger--what danger is there if you don't think of any?--and they thought that a prudent man would carefully select the safest position, where Dr. B. might be on hand at a moment's warning.
  • The service is curtilage collection, however assistance is offered to residents who are aged or infirm and cannot present their bin.
  • This volume 's purpose, he explains, is to expose the defect of being ' infirm of purpose ' (vi).
  • Because Hazel is now too infirm to travel Forget me Not would be used, as she has been for the last two years.

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