Sentence Examples

  • No handshake for Julie; she gave each of us a robust hug.
  • The camel is of a more robust and compact breed than the tall beast used in India, and is more carefully tended.
  • Their hinder limbs are shorter than in the true kangaroos, and their fore limbs are longer and more robust, and have very strong curved and pointed claws.
  • As the field of existence is limited and preoccupied, it is only the hardier, more robust, better-suited-tocircumstance individuals, who are able to struggle forward to maturity, these inhabiting only the situations to which they have superior adaptation and greater power of occupancy than any other kind; the weaker and less circumstance-suited being prematurely destroyed.
  • Some of them are as light-skinned as Europeans, tall, robust, thin-lipped, straight-nosed, with straight black hair; others are shorter and darker in complexion, with round heads, long noses, thick lips, and scraggy limbs, indicating perhaps the commingling of more than one Semitic people.

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