Sentence Examples

  • Unstable as he was, it didn't take much to send Josh down the porch steps.
  • The closer they drew, the more intense the pressure, and the more unstable they became.
  • Lydia Larkin was a wreck, as unstable as the night Billy Langstrom died.
  • Salicylic acid and salicin (q.v.) share the properties common to the group of aromatic acids, which, as a group, are antiseptic without being toxic to man - a property practically unique; are unstable in the body; are antipyretic and analgesic; and diminish the excretion of urea by the kidneys.
  • The cylindrical form of jet is unstable if its length is more than 7 times its diameter, and usually the irregular disturbances it receives at the orifice go on growing, and ultimately break it up irregularly into drops which go out at different rates.

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