Sentence Examples

  • Geometrical optics, physical optics, meteorological optics, &c. Greek terminology included two adjectival forms - ra 01rTixfi, for all optical phenomena, including vision and the nature of light, and I) &rTLiO (sc. OEcopfa), for the objective study of light, i.e.
  • (See Intelligence Of Animals.) In recent scientific literature the term is more frequently used in its adjectival than in its substantive form; and the term "instinctive" is generally applied to certain hereditary modes of behaviour.
  • In the adjectival meaning, healthy, perfect, complete, chiefly used of a deep undisturbed sleep, or of a well-based argument or doctrine, or of a person well trained in his profession, the word is in O.
  • - Partly derived from adjectival formations in y, from nouns and infinitives:e.g.
  • Patricius, an adjectival form from pater, father; not, as some say, from pater and ciere, to call), a term originally applied to the members of the old citizen families of ancient Rome (see I.

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