Sentence Examples

  • In spite of her resolve to purge the fear from the living room, it increased until it threatened to take over the entire house.
  • It promised me I'd have the power to seize all the kingdoms around Tiyan and bring them to heel, to purge them of evil and rescue their people.
  • Cromwell was essentially a conservative reformer; in his attempts to purge the court of chancery of its most flagrant abuses, and to settle the ecclesiastical affairs of the nation, he showed himself anxious to retain as much of the existing system as could be left untouched without doing positive evil.
  • To explicate, however, and purge the meaning of that "strong heart" and "clean" which the savage after his fashion can wish and ask for, remained the task of the higher and more self-conscious types of religion.
  • In 1489 he was accused of magic before Pope Innocent VIII., and had to secure the good offices of Francesco Soderini, Ermolao Barbaro, and the archbishop Rinaldo Orsini, in order to purge himself of a most perilous imputation.

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