Sentence Examples

  • In 1742, after the extinction of the two senior lines of this family, the Sulzbach branch became the senior line, and its head, the elector Charles Theodore, inherited Bavaria in 1777.
  • Before the extinction of the line in 1475, it had succeeded in putting a branch on the throne of Armenia.
  • 2 The stem of David is superseded by the house of Zadok, the kingship has yielded to the priesthood, and the extinction of national hopes gives new importance to that strict organization of the hierarchy for which Ezekiel had prepared the way by his sentence of disfranchisement against the nonZadokite priests.
  • To this consummation, with its necessary accompaniment in the extinction of prophecy, the book of Haggai already points.
  • Mass extinction, deforestation, dead zones in oceans, and on and on and on.

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