Sentence Examples

  • In this curious vision Wettin saw Charles the Great suffering purgatorial tortures because of his incontinence.
  • Some believers, he taught, may pass through purgatorial fires; and this middle class may be helped by the sacraments and the alms of the living.
  • Dulcitii quaestionibus) that "it is not incredible" that imperfect souls will be "saved by some purgatorial fire," to which they will be subjected for varying lengths of time according to their needs;.
  • It maintained the simplicity of Apostolic Christianity against the elaborate system of a corrupt Philp t hierarchy, the teaching of Scripture alone against the commentaries of the fathers and the traditions of the church, the right of private judgment against the dictation of ecclesiastical authority, the individual responsibility of every human soul before God in opposition to the papal control over purgatorial punishments, which had led to the revolting degradation of venal indulgences.
  • Purgatorial shadows, ( 2 ) we read.

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