Sentence Examples

  • Indulgences are not recognized; an intermediate and purificatory state of the dead is held but not systematized into a doctrine of purgatory.
  • With the increase of the city the operation grew in importance, and was followed by an official lustruni, or purificatory sacrifice, offered on behalf of the people by the censors or functionaries in charge of the classification.
  • 1-9, we have details of the purificatory rite which was necessary when human blood was shed; but now and in the future propitiatory sacrifice and ideas of propitiation began to overshadow all the other forms of sacrifice and their ideas.
  • In less developed creeds the difference tends to remain in the background; but where sacrifices are found, solemn annual rites, communal, purificatory or expiatory, are celebrated, and these are held to be in like manner obligatory.
  • At the Roman Lupercalia women were flogged by the celebrants to avert sterility or as a purificatory ceremony (W.

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