Sentence Examples

  • Aloes is a medicinal substance used as a purgative and produced from various species of aloe, such as A.
  • Jalap is a typical hydragogue purgative, causing the excretion of more fluid than scammony, but producing less stimulation of the muscular wall of the bowel.
  • Vermis, worm, fugare, to put to flight) is applied to the purgative usually given after the vermicide for the purpose of expelling the worm.
  • They therefore remain for the most part in the intestine, and as they attract and retain large quantities of water, and at the same time slightly stimulate the mucous membrane, they come to have a purgative action and form the well-known group of saline cathartics.
  • A few of them, such as aloin and colocynthin, are also purgative when injected subcutaneously or into the blood, probably owing to their being excreted into the intestinal canal.

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