Sentence Examples

  • Like her brother, she is not only a goddess who deals death, but she is also a healing and a purifying divinity, oiAla ("the healer," cf.
  • That is the office of the purifying virtues, by which the soul is freed from sensuality and led back to itself, and thence to the nous.
  • As an outcome of this alchemical doctrine the process of fermentation was supposed to have a purifying and elevating effect on the bodies which had been submitted to its influence.
  • The number of chemicals which have been proposed from time to time for the purification of oils and fats is almost legion, and so long as the nature of oils and fats was little understood, a secret trade in oil-purifying chemicals flourished, With our present knowledge most of these chemicals may be removed into the limbo of useless things.
  • Syria of which Antioch and Aleppo have been the successive capitals; and this relation has prevailed over the extreme unhealthiness of the site, which lies on marshy deltaic ground, screened by the horseshoe of Elma Dagh from all purifying influences of N.

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