Sentence Examples

  • This washing is a most important part of the process.
  • By the time Alex arrived for breakfast, she had it on the table and was washing the frying pan in the sink.
  • In the course of the washing, according to a method introduced by Sir F.
  • The Key of Truth regards the water as a washing of the body, and sees in the rite no opus operatum, but an essentially spiritual rite in which "the king releases certain rulers a from the prison of sin, the Son calls them to himself and comforts them with great words, and the Holy Spirit of the king forthwith comes and crowns them, and dwells in them for ever."
  • Pelouze in 1838, who observed that when paper or cotton was immersed in cold concentrated nitric acid the materials, though not altered in physical appearance, became heavier, and after washing and drying were possessed of self-explosive properties.