Sentence Examples

  • It is then allowed to stand twenty-four hours, filtered, washed with dilute ammonia, dried, ignited to constant weight and weighed, the filter paper being incinerated separately after moistening with nitric acid.
  • The disulphonate is more readily obtained by moistening the nitrilosulphonate with dilute sulphuric acid and letting it stand for twenty-four hours, after which it is recrystallized from dilute ammonia.
  • Similar to the " etched figures " produced 7' by moistening an octahedron of alum, and have probably been produced, like them, by the action of some solvent.
  • The water used may be turbid or clear, and it acts, not only for moistening the soil, but as manure.
  • For the same purpose a small quantity of water (up to 2%) may be added either by moistening the clinker or by blowing steam into the mills in which the clinker is ground.

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