Sentence Examples

  • The snakes with this grooved kind of tooth have been named Opisthoglyphi, and also Suspecti, because their saliva is more or less poisonous.
  • Cannabis), an annual herb (Cannabis saliva) having angular rough stems and alternate deeply lobed leaves.
  • When considerably diluted they are only slightly irritating; externally applied and in the stomach they have an antiseptic action; they increase the secretion of saliva, and thus assuage thirst.
  • Other pod-fruits largely cultivated are various kinds of beans and peas, lentils (Ervum lens), Spanish lentils (Lcithyrus sativus) and other species of Lathyrus, lupines, &c. The principal fodder-crops are lucerne (Medicago saliva) and esparcette (a variety of sainfoin).
  • When there is a man on one of them, if the beast is tired and urged to go on, he turns his head round, and discharges his saliva, which has an un pleasant odour, into the rider's face.

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