Sentence Examples

  • The entire East Coast had to be purged and redeveloped.
  • "In 165 B.C. they attained their end, the regent of Syria conceded the measure of toleration they required with the approval of Rome; and in 164 B.C. the temple was purged of its desecration.
  • So Vespasian obtained possession of Palestine - the country which Nero had given him - and for a time it was purged of revolutionaries.
  • Having slain by accident the Corinthian hero Bellerus (or, according to others, his own brother) he fled to Tiryns, where his kinsman Proetus, king of Argos, received him hospitably and purged him of his guilt.
  • The body of the state was now purged of all elements which would not blindly carry out the policy of the Committee.