Sentence Examples

  • This abductor was a high level serial killer and of paramount interest to the special FBI task force.
  • It is clear from Liebig's publications that he first regarded yeast as a lifeless, albuminoid mass; but, although later he considered they were living cells, he would never admit that fermentation was a physiological process, the chemical aspect being paramount in the mind of this distinguished investigator.
  • Up till the publication of Bahrens's edition (1880), the oldest one, Neapolitanus (N., now at Wolfenbiittel), was universally regarded as the best, and even now critics are found to maintain its paramount claims. But the more judicious admit the value of the four MSS.
  • 606-648), an Indian king who ruled northern India as paramount monarch for over forty years.
  • He was the last native monarch who held paramount power in the north prior to the Mahommedan conquest; and was succeeded by an era of petty states.

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