Sentence Examples

  • But no sooner had he taken over the command than his haughty and domineering temper estranged him both from his second-in-command, Lord Granby, and the commander-in-chief, Prince Ferdinand.
  • The existence of so many ecclesiastical writers was a natural feature in Polish literature; they formed the only really cultured class in the community, which consisted besides of a haughty ignorant nobility living among their serfs, and (at a vast distance) those serfs themselves, in a brutalized condition.
  • The haughty victors found Clement on the side of their opponent, and he was forced into an alliance with the emperor (April 1, 1525).
  • He was poor, even to raggedness; and his appearance excited a mirth and a pity which were equally intolerable to his haughty spirit.
  • The supporters of the older faith were now predominant and, although they were inclined to adopt a somewhat haughty attitude towards Charles, they were not averse from taking strong measures against the reformers.

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