Sentence Examples

  • The pompous ceremonials of the civilized tribes of Mexico and the Cordilleras in South America, when analysed, reveal only a higher grade of the prevailing idea.
  • Dr Howley, who was nothing if not pompous, answered that he had come on state business, to which everything, even sleep, must give place.
  • But in his talk there were no pompous triads, and little more than a fair proportion of words in -osity and -ation.
  • In point of style it is greatly inferior to the Histories - florid, pompous and affected, and at the same time tedious.
  • Wessel, who up to that time had only been known as the president of a club of wits, immediately wrote Love without Stockings (1772), in which a plot of the most abject triviality is worked out in strict accordance with the rules of French tragedy, and in most pompous and pathetic Alexandrines.

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