Sentence Examples

  • That a wood-louse and a land-crab are alike Malacostracans, and that they have by different paths alike become adapted to terrestrial life, are facts which even a philosopher might condescend to notice.
  • The Protestants refused to attend an assembly where even the most conciliatory prelate could hardly condescend to meet them on equal terms. Nor was Pole allowed to use the only possible means of overcoming their reluctance.
  • It shows in its author a want of reverence, a want of decency in the proper sense, a too great readiness to condescend to the easiest kind of ludicrous ideas and the kind most acceptable at that time to the common run of mankind.
  • He may be amused by a foreigner as by a monkey, but he will never condescend to study him with any patience.
  • He would not even condescend to make a baby laugh if nobody else laughed, or even listened.

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