Condescend Definition

condescended, condescends
condescended, condescends
To descend voluntarily to the level, regarded as lower, of the person one is dealing with; be graciously willing to do something regarded as beneath one's dignity; deign.
Webster's New World
To behave in a patronizing or superior manner toward someone.
Viewed as a popularizer more than a scholar, he was condescended to by his academic colleagues.
American Heritage
To deal with others in a proud or haughty way.
Webster's New World
To make concessions; agree; assent.
Webster's New World
To condescend is to talk to someone in a way that makes it clear you believe that you are better and smarter.
An example of condescend is if you explain something to an adult with slow, deliberate words as if you were talking to a child.

Origin of Condescend

  • From Middle English condescenden, from Old French condescendre, from Late Latin condescendere (“to let one's self down, stoop, condescend”), from Latin com- (“together”) + descendere (“to come down”); see descend.

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English condescenden from Old French condescendre from Late Latin condēscendere Latin com- intensive pref. com– dēscendere to descend descend

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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