Sentence Examples

  • Thank good­ness for Colorado hospitality—the friendly room clerk was more than willing to oblige a law enforcement agent.
  • One of the consequences of the persecutions of which he was the object was to oblige him to spend three years, from 1896 to 1899, in England, where his participation in the management of the Suez Canal had won for him some strong friendships, and where he was able to see the great respect in which the memory and name of his father were held by Englishmen.
  • The unknown author, as may be inferred from the treatise itself, did not write to make money, but to oblige his relative and friend Herennius, for whose instruction he promises to supply other works on grammar, military matters and political administration.
  • Notwithstanding these however, the great similarities between a and, 3 oblige us to assume that the translator of HR used the Greek version of H a, or vice versa.
  • A force of l000 men was placed at the disposal of the podestd and capitano (now both elected by the people) to keep order and oblige the grandi to respect the law.

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