Sentence Examples

  • But the priest belongs to the realm of religion proper, which involves a relation of dependence on the superior power, whereas the asipu belongs to the realm of magic, which is coercive and seeks " to constrain the hostile power to give way " (Lagrange).
  • The ~ force required to constrain the weight a to move in a circle, that is the de viating force, produces an equal and -~ opposite reaction on the shaft, whose X amount F is equal to the centrifugal force Wa2 rig Ib, where r is the radius of the mass centre of the weight, and - a is its angular velocity in radians per second.
  • 64) that to constrain or coerce a personal being is to treat him as an inanimate agent; for such a principle is quite inapplicable to cases of mere terrorism, whilst it may be doubted if it even renders the sense of the savage magician's typical notion of his modus operandi, viz.
  • Not without nervous dread - witness the special taboo to which the leader of society is subject - he draws near and strives to constrain, conciliate or cajole the awful forces with which the life of the group is set about.
  • The form of the surface of a liquid acted on by gravity is easily determined if we assume that near the part considered the line of contact of the surface of the liquid with that of the solid bounding it is straight and horizontal, as it is when the solids which constrain the liquid are bounded by surfaces formed by horizontal and parallel generating lines.

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