Sentence Examples

  • Is, the Jews assail Paul because he has trusted and appealed to the name of a Messiah whom they regard as an overthrower of the law; for Paul believed that God had invested Jesus with a name above all names, potent to constrain and overcome all lesser powers, good or evil, in heaven or earth or under earth.
  • 64) that to constrain or coerce a personal being is to treat him as an inanimate agent; for such a principle is quite inapplicable to cases of mere terrorism, whilst it may be doubted if it even renders the sense of the savage magician's typical notion of his modus operandi, viz.
  • The ~ force required to constrain the weight a to move in a circle, that is the de viating force, produces an equal and -~ opposite reaction on the shaft, whose X amount F is equal to the centrifugal force Wa2 rig Ib, where r is the radius of the mass centre of the weight, and - a is its angular velocity in radians per second.