Sentence Examples

  • It condenses readily with aldehydes, yielding with formaldehyde, on the addition of.
  • CO 2 H,with sodium amalgam, by conversion of trimethylene bromide into the cyanide and hydrolysis of this compound, or from acetoacetic ester, which, in the form of its sodium derivative, condenses with j3-iodopropionic ester to form acetoglutaric ester, CH 3 CO CH(CO 2 C 2 H 5) CH 2.
  • It is completely decomposed by hydriodic acid at 140° C. It condenses with aldehydes (in chloroform solution) in the presence of phosphorus pentoxide to give dithienyl hydrocarbons (A.
  • This treatise, animated and sometimes brilliant, is valuable for modern readers in that it condenses his general view of philosophy and religion.
  • Ethane, when heated to this degree, splits up into ethylene and hydrogen, whilst ethylene decomposes to methane and acetylene, and the acetylene at once polymerizes to benzene, styrolene, retene, &c. A portion also condenses, and at the same time loses some hydrogen, becoming naphthalene; and the compounds so formed by interactions amongst themselves build up the remainder of the hydrocarbons present in the coal tar, whilst the organic substances containing oxygen in the coal break down, and cause the formation of the phenols in the tar.

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