Sentence Examples

  • Fred said he was too mind-stuffed with all these goings-on to eat a bite of supper, but when Cynthia supplied cold chicken and potato salad, he ate two helpings, just out of politeness.
  • Clara identified some of the bushes - all the while filling Megan in on the goings on in town.
  • The extraordinary comings and goings of strangers to Winchester College, just opposite the gates of the bishop's palace at Wolvesey in 1399, suggest that he took part in the revolution of Henry IV.
  • Early in the morning, while all things are crisp with frost, men come with fishing-reels and slender lunch, and let down their fine lines through the snowy field to take pickerel and perch; wild men, who instinctively follow other fashions and trust other authorities than their townsmen, and by their goings and comings stitch towns together in parts where else they would be ripped.
  • He visited his "good friend Anna Pavlovna" as well as his daughter's "diplomatic salon," and often in his constant comings and goings between the two camps became confused and said at Helene's what he should have said at Anna Pavlovna's and vice versa.

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