Sentence Examples

  • She questioned how the investigation was proceeding and her pointed questions forced him to admit he was the prime suspect.
  • Lana snapped her identification chip to her uniform before proceeding to the operations control center with Mr. Tim's portable vault.
  • Whilst Lotze had thus in his published works closed the circle of his thought, beginning with a conception metaphysically gained, proceeding to an exhaustive contemplation of things in the light it afforded, and ending with the stronger conviction of its truth which observation, experience, and life could.
  • A ferocious letter from the pope to the papal nuncios, on the 19th of March 1423, denounced the proceeding as calculated " to ensnare simple souls and extort from them a profane reward, thereby setting up themselves against the apostolic see and the Roman pontiff, to whom alone so great a faculty has been granted by God " (Cal.
  • Proceeding thence to Rome, he was entrusted by the Roman republic with the defence of San Pancrazio against the French, where he gained the victory of the 30th of April 1849, remaining all day in the saddle, although wounded in the side at the beginning of the fight.

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