Sentence Examples

  • When the Israelites were journeying from Egypt to the land of Canaan, the Amalekites are said to have taken advantage of their weak condition to harry the stragglers in the rear, and as a judgment for their hostility it was ordained that their memory should be blotted out from under heaven (Deut.
  • Incidents in the Wilderness.-The narrative of the first journeying in the wilderness (xv.
  • As the latter was staying at Biarritz, the unprecedented course was followed of Mr Asquith journeying there for the purpose, and on the 8th he resigned the chancellorship of the exchequer and kissed hands as prime minister.
  • In fact, in journeying westwards across the tops of the Highland mountains we pass, as it were, over successive stages in the history of the origin of Highland scenery.
  • In 563-565 he founded his mission and monastery in the isle of Iona, and journeying to Inverness he converted the king of the Picts.