Sentence Examples

  • B, C. multicornis, natural size; p, polyp; gon, gonophores; rh, hydrorhiza.
  • Dz, by the hydranths, each with dactylozoid; gz, gastrozoid; b, mouth and tentacles; and, blastostyle; gon, gonophores; secondly, the " coenosarc," or rh, hydrorhiza.
  • In the north-west, by the Liberian frontier, the mountains in the Gon region rise over 6000 ft.
  • That " circles are to one another as the squares on their diameters " and that " in the greater of two concentric circles a regular 2n-gon can be inscribed which shall not meet the circumference of the less," however nearly equal the circles may be.
  • 8), joined A and B with 0 the centre, bisected the angle AOB by OD, so that BD became the semi-side of a circumscribed regular 12-gon; then as AB :BO: OA :: I: d 3: 2 he sought an approximation to X 1 3 and found that AB: BO >153:265.

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