Sentence Examples

  • They are of minute size varying from onesixtieth to one-three-hundredth of an inch, and they move by means of long cilia.
  • Between parts of the same metal at different temperatures, but the difference would probably be of the order of only one-hundredth of a volt for a difference of too° C. It would be sufficiently difficult to detect so small a difference under the best conditions.
  • If unit mass of a solution contain m grammes of an active substance and if o be the density and p be the rotary power of the solution, the specific rotary power is defined by p/m8, and the molecular rotary power is obtained from this by multiplying by the hundredth part of the molecular mass.
  • On the 12th of February 1904, the hundredth anniversary of Kant's death, a Kantian society (Kantgesellschaft) was formed at Halle under the leadership of Professor H.
  • There are also many memorials of the battle of Leipzig, including an obelisk on the Randstadter-Steinweg, on the site of the bridge which was prematurely blown up, when Prince Poniatowski was drowned; a monument of cannon balls collected after the battle; a "relief" to Major Friccius, who stormed the outer Grimma gate; while on the battle plain itself and close to "Napoleonstein," which commemorates Napoleon's position on the last day of the battle, a gigantic obelisk surrounded by a garden has been planned for dedication on the hundredth anniversary of the battle (October 19, 1913).

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