Sentence Examples

  • The timing on all four attacks was the same to the hundredth of a second.
  • The microphonic arrangement consisted of a spring S, about the hundredth of an inch thick and the eighth of an inch broad, fixed at one end to a lever L, and carrying at its free extremity a brass block W.
  • If unit mass of a solution contain m grammes of an active substance and if o be the density and p be the rotary power of the solution, the specific rotary power is defined by p/m8, and the molecular rotary power is obtained from this by multiplying by the hundredth part of the molecular mass.
  • It contains log sines (to 14 places) and tangents (to 10 places), besides natural sines, tangents and secants, at intervals of a hundredth of a degree.
  • It is remarkable that the discussion of ancient eclipses of the moon, and their comparison with modern observations, show only a small and rather doubtful change, amounting perhaps to less than one-hundredth of a second per century.

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