Sentence Examples

  • A table given by Krabe, based on results obtained for 12 plantations amounting to 20 hectares (50 English acres) during 20 years showed the value of produce per Prussian acre (.2553 of an hectare) to be in the 1st year, £3, 6s.
  • Large holdings of at least 500 hectares (a hectare equals about 22 acres) are indispensable to the profitable pursuit of extensive agriculture.
  • The system of extensive cultivation proper to the latifondi gives an annual average gross return of about 200 lire per hectare (£3, 4s.
  • There are also certain special units, such as the hectare, which is equal to a square hectometre, and the micron, which is i o l ?
  • An EIA would be more likely where an area of the proposed works would exceed 1 hectare.

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