Sentence Examples

  • The timing on all four attacks was the same to the hundredth of a second.
  • The size of the individual particles may be approximately one-five-hundredth of an inch.
  • The microphonic arrangement consisted of a spring S, about the hundredth of an inch thick and the eighth of an inch broad, fixed at one end to a lever L, and carrying at its free extremity a brass block W.
  • Between parts of the same metal at different temperatures, but the difference would probably be of the order of only one-hundredth of a volt for a difference of too° C. It would be sufficiently difficult to detect so small a difference under the best conditions.
  • But some phenomena are difficult to reconcile with pressed into less than one five-hundredth of a cubic foot, or, if allowed to expand, the air originally occupying the cubic foot can be made to fill, apparently uniformly, a space of a million cubic feet or more.