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  • Briggs appreciated clearly the advantages of a centesimal division of the quadrant, and by dividing the degree into hundredth parts instead of into minutes, made a step towards a reformation in this respect, and but for the appearance of Vlacq's work the decimal division of the degree might have become recognized.
  • In 1784 the French government decided that new tables of sines, tangents, &c., and their logarithms, should be calculated in relation to the centesimal division of the quadrant.
  • I „ Logarithms of the ratios of arcs to sines from 04 00000 to 0 4.05000, and log sines throughout the quadrant 4 „ Logarithms of the ratios of arcs to tangents from 0 4 00000 to 0 4.05000, and log tangents throughout the quadrant 4 The trigonometrical results are given for every hundred-thousandth of the quadrant (to" centesimal or 3" 24 sexagesimal).
  • The latter work, which was much used, being difficult to procure, and greater accuracy being required, the French government in 1891 published an eight-figure centesimal table, for every ten seconds, derived from the Tables du Cadastre.
  • For The Following Years, Then, The Golden Numbers And Epacts Are As Follows: 1583, N= 7, J=26 Ii 30= 7; 1584, N= 8, J= 7 11 =18; 1585, N= 9, J = 18 Ii =29; 1586, N = To, J = 29 I I 30 10; And, Therefore, In General J = J (N Io(N I)) 30 R On Account Of The Solar Equation S, The Epact J Must Be Diminished By Unity Every Centesimal Year, Excepting Always The Fourth.

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