Sentence Examples

  • If homogeneous liquid is drawn off from a vessel so large that the motion at the free surface at a distance may be neglected, then Bernoulli's equation may be written H = PIP--z - F4 2 / 2g = P/ p +h, (8) where P denotes the atmospheric pressure and h the height of the free surface, a fundamental equation in hydraulics; a return has been made here to the gravitation unit of hydrostatics, and Oz is taken vertically upward.
  • +mfl - PiP,.2 2(m.
  • PiP,.~z(m.
  • Those teeth is PiP~, perpendicu lar to their surfaces at T.
  • For, let PiP~ cut the line of centres at I; then, by similar triangles, CiP2 C1Pi IC2: ICi; (24)

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