Sentence Examples

  • If it is after the events on Naboo and Qui Gon is still alive, you have entered an Alternate Universe, which split off from the canonical universe at the point of Qui Gon's canonical death, but everything else is the same.
  • There were but two degrees of men, free and unfree, though only the franklins had any political power; and, from the nature of the life, social intercourse was unrestrained and unfettered; gon and thrall lived the same lives, ate the same food, spoke the same tongue, and differed little in clothing or habits.
  • Was driven out by his nobles, in alliance with Fernan Gon zales, count of Castile, and restored by the caliph.
  • Historic kingdom of Aragon Ramiro Sanchez1035-1067Natural son of Sancho ci Mayor of Navarre, who on the death of his legitimate brother Gon zalo, annexed Sobrarbe.
  • B, C. multicornis, natural size; p, polyp; gon, gonophores; rh, hydrorhiza.