Sentence Examples

  • Gonad occurs on the right c.p., Collar-canal, above which is side of the body only seen the operculum.
  • Allman, however, regarded this type of gonad as equivalent to a sporosac, and considered the medusa bearing them as a non-sexual organism, a " blastocheme " as he termed it, producing by budding medusoid gonophores.
  • Each radius, in all eight separate gonad-masses, as the name implies.
  • The gonads are on the radial canals or on the stomach (Ptychogastridae), and each gonad may be divided into two by a longitudinal sub-umbral muscle-tract.
  • In these and other Chaetopods the coelom is also put into indirect relations with the outside world by the nephridia and by the gonad ducts.

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